Tuesday, March 20, 2018


And a blessed Ostara to all.

I have discovered I despise winter. At first it is ok. And if it was bracketed by set dates, say Dec. 1 to Feb. 15, I could be be more accepting of it. But this dragging on to an unknown and arbitrary date is just not cricket.

Of course the skiers, like our darling Dale, have a totally different take on this. Well, there is no accounting for some people!

It has been ages since I have written. I could blame Facebook, and I am sure that has something to do with it. But I think it really has more to do with certain things in my life that I cannot be totally frank and public about so it has hindered my writing somewhat. There are those who will spill all the beans and damn anyone and anything that it might affect, but I do not feel that way.

That is not to make anyone worry... I am fine. There are just things, you know?

I am still home on the range, so to speak. Desperately awaiting those warm winds and sunny days that will melt all the snow and allow for gardening and lawns and tree work and all the lovely warm weather things I love to do!

My lovely sons are all well, and my grandbeasties are truly the loves of my life now along with the my children. Who knew how amazing it would all be! They constantly amaze me, as does the rush of love and hope for the world when I look at them.

All in all, things are ticking along. I have to write more. Even if there are things that will need to remain unwritten for the foreseeable future, there are far more things that can be said. And it is a part of who I am, one I need to re-awaken.

Hope all of you are well, my darlings! I am off to have a peek at your blogs now.



Vallypee said...

Ah, Stevie, it is the art of saying plenty without revealing all. I have had lots of practice at that, and I know it’s possible, so I do hope I’ll see you here more often. i love the way you write! In the meantime, roll on spring!! It’s been a long time coming!

Stevie said...

Indeed it has darling! Indeed it has!

Anne-Marie said...

Since we last "spoke", I actually met Dale! In person! And yeah, she can have all the snow and all the winter things. I am with you, dearest, in hoping that spring is going to rush in soon. Glad you hear you're well. xx

Stevie said...

Anne-Marie! Isn't Dale wonderful? I admit I am envious she got to meet you first! I would love to meet all of our group... those still blogging and those not! You all remain family to me.